Infidel Beards

Made in the USA

We founded this company with the principle that everything we offer will be made in the USA. That means an American made everything you see!

Made for Real Men

Like our fathers and their fathers before them, we believe in hard work and the American way! We built our brand for the blue-collar badasses that look to keep that conviction alive. Our products are meant to be bought and proudly displayed by real men.

Proud Supporters of our Military

Our soldiers put their lives on the line every day for our freedom. So we stand with our men-in-arms. And 10% of all profits will go to support our men and women that serve.

No Safe Spaces Here

We don't censor ourselves to be "politically correct" or "socially acceptable". If you get offended easily, we are not the company for you.

Infidel Beard Facts

Infidel Beards products are made for men of conviction, like our fathers before us. Gun toting, wrench turning, loud car loving Americans!

Made in the USA

Everything we make is produced in the heartland of the USA. We take pride in the quality of our product, and it shows.

American Values

We believe in working hard and living the American way. We love and respect God, guns, and the USA!

Military Support

We proudly support the men and women of our military. 10% of all our profits go to supporting the heroes of our nation.

Snowflake Free

We don't sugarcoat our message for anyone. We tell it like it is, end of story. No special snowflakes or safe spaces with us.